Best Practice no. 6, 2015

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Søren Rode, CEO.

Nearshoring in Polen

When ProData Consult A/S acquired a controlling interest in ProData Consult Sp. z o.o. (Poland) just under four years ago, the motivation was primarily servicing the local Polish market. I was of the opinion that both offshoring and nearshoring were oversold, and that this market segment was over-consolidated.

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Do you need to be able to scale your IT resources up and down?

Introduction to Nearshoring in Poland

Do you need to be able to scale your IT resources up and down?
Or how about greater flexibility and lower costs without compromising on quality?

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Interview with R&D Manager Søren Thygesen,

Nearshoring isn’t just for big companies ApS is living proof that nearshoring isn’t just for big companies with big budgets. The Danish game developers recently hired three Polish senior consultants to handle a development project in Warsaw.

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Interview with Michael Peter Madsen and Torben Finnemann.

SDC nearshores to Poland

In less than a year, SDC has established a development office in Poland with over 50 local consultants. In this interview, the executives responsible for the process describe how they’ve done it and discuss the value their new Polish employees have brought to SDC’s own organization and to their clients.

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Interview with Jens Brinksten, CEO of KMD Poland.

Nearshoring and offshoring – The ABC

Keeping a number of simple but not always self-evident tips in mind can increase the likelihood of success with your future nearshoring or offshoring project. The CEO of KMD Poland shares his insight.

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Interview with Mads Krog-Jensen, IT manager at Nordic Aviation Capital.

NAC’s doubts about nearshoring were put to shame

At first, NAC was convinced that nearshoring in Poland was not for them, based on previous negative experiences with the hassles of offshoring. But after they saw the quality of the two Polish consultant’s work and experienced their work ethic, NAC made a mental U-turn. Today, NAC’s IT manager has nothing but praise for his new foreign manpower.

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