Nearshoring in Poland

ProData Consult's Polish subsidiary moved into new and very nice premises in Warsaw on 16 September.  

'We had quite simply grown out of our former premises, which had also become outmoded,' says Thomas Vater, Nearshoring Account Manager for Denmark. 'With the new premises, we can provide better service to our local Polish customers and, not least importantly, we now have the space to seriously serve the steadily growing group of Scandinavian customers for whom we have IT consultants working off-site at our offices.'

The new offices are less than a 10-minute drive from the airport. 'It has now become, if possible, even easier to get back and forth to our Polish division, says ProData Consult A/S CEO Søren Rode with a smile. 'I used to joke a bit provocatively that it was easier to get from Copenhagen to our division in Poland than to get to our division in Århus. But with the new premises, that is no longer a joke!'

ProData Consult Poland's new head office is located in an area that is home to many high-tech businesses and despite the proximity to Fredric Chopin International Airport it is only a five-minute drive away from central Warsaw.

 10 reasons to nearshore in Poland:

  1. Poland is part of the EU and the Schengen zone, so visas are not required for Danes to enter Poland or for Poles to enter Denmark.
  2. The flight time between Warsaw and Copenhagen is less than 1½ hours.
  3. The consultant from Warsaw can be on-site in Copenhagen or the project manager on-site in Warsaw no later than the day after the decision.
  4. The short distance provides completely new opportunities for team integration and makes collaboration with nearshore resources much easier and more agile.
  5. Poland and Denmark are in the same time zone – when people are at work in Denmark, people are at work in Poland.
  6. Free movement of personal data. Poland is an EU Member State and is thus covered by EU Directive 95/46/EC concerning data protection laws.
  7. Mature market with professional, loyal and trustworthy IT consultants.
  8. Scalability: Eight times as many inhabitants and a large selection of skilled and highly educated consultants enables rapid upscaling of projects.
  9. Long tradition of good engineering programmes in higher education. The level among IT consultants is generally high and fully equivalent to the level in Denmark.
  10. A very competitive price at about 1/3 of the Danish.

If you would like to find out whether nearshoring in Poland may be an advantage for your business or learn more about ProData Consult's nearshoring model, please contact Thomas Vater at




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Med ProData Consults Nearshoring as a Service får du tillgång till en fullt skalbar utvecklingsavdelning i Polen och kan dra nytta av den stora mängd specialiserade och kompetenta IT-specialister som finns där.

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